Wow! If I say the playground construction was a success that would be an understatement. We had more help than we knew what to do with, we had children queuing up for ages, we had adults enjoying the fun and joining in on the swings. We ended the day with a feast for 150 people.

Since then the playground is used every day, almost constantly. So much so the see saw couldn’t handle it and broke. The climbing frame/monkey bars has seen as much action as everything else on the playground. For the great success, after an all day’s work (repairing some equipment, installing new one and building the volleyball court) we have had another feast. This time the ladies cooked.

Rotary of Stevenage and RIBI (thank you so very much) gave us £2,000 which we will use to expand the playground, install a library from a converted shipping container and create a Sport Centre. Eventually. It might take 2 years, but it will get there.