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Following a social experiments with books and toys I found that while Kenyan children get kind of excited about toys they really have no notion of what to do with them. After five minutes of playing they got bored. But when I gave them a book their faces lit up, their eyes got wider and they would not let go for hours. The joy a book brings to anyone is amazing.

And so we have decided to build 11 libraries. Our first library already has over 1,400 members and is up and running and managed by local volunteers. The next nine libraries will be of the same nature, but the 11th will contain educational material only. So teachers from schools without the means for generating and buying school resources such as worksheets and books can come and use our ‘communal’ resources.

If you would like to help us achieve this very ambitious project please help wherever, however and with whatever you can. We need money, of course, but we also need items. These items, so get collecting on our behalf. Please.

If you have any items for us to pick up please email to arrange date and time.