About Us

Untitled-2We are a small but formidable charity changing the way charity and volunteering is carried out in the UK and Kenya. Our priority is to engage with children and young people to create programmes and events that they want. We do so by employing a positive message, positive and encouraging approach and inspirational methods.

Our ultimate aim is to ‘enhance and enrich and, in some cases, create childhood experiences and opportunities’.

Our projects are grouped under various banners:

‘Just Read’ – building of libraries and helping local communities gain access to reading material and literacy teachers. Involving UK children in donating their unwanted and outgrown books.

‘Just Play’ – building playgrounds, organising games in communities or schools, providing toys and sports equipment, working on improving and creating new football fields, volleyball courts and basketball and netball courts. In the UK working with dance clubs, football clubs and youth organisations on creation of innovative activities.

‘Just Explore’ – organising trips to local and far away places.

‘Just Coach’ – working with coaches and providing training for them. Also working with teachers on introducing games to Kenyan curriculum. In the UK working with coaches to help us develop Coaching days.

‘Just Inspire’ – working with young people to become inspirations to others. Also working on showcasing young people’s talent through for example Stevenage Talent Show, Flash Mobs and so on.

‘Just be….’ – our long-term goal is to create a Youth Centre which would enable young people in Kenya gain access to some vital transferrable skills learning (e.g. CV writing, interview skills and project management), but also providing classes such as yoga, thai chi, dance and martial arts to enable physical development too.

’10×10 Challenge’ – we aim to collect 10,000 of 10 various items such as books, toys, shoes and sweets.