Flash Mob-31/5 @ 12.30, Stevenage Centre

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 15.06.26The routine is ready and looking fantastic.

You can access the routine by clicking on the picture and follow it from there. If you would like to join us on 31 May at 12.30pm, in Stevenage Town Centre please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start and act as naturally as you can. We are trying to surprise people after all.

Learn the routine from where the Spice Girls start and where they list the different types of dances (lambada, salsa, hip hop) please feel free to freestyle. Rejoin the routine at ‘shake it, shake it, shake it’ (Listen to the track and it will all make sense. I promise). When it ends, walk away like nothing happened.

If you are free on the day, but like me, cannot dance to save your life, please help us record the event and send us your footage.

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else email us via flashmob@justbeachild.com or contact us through our Facebook.

Other than that, we hope to see you there.