Collecting! Collecting! Collecting!

We are scaling down the types of items we will ship, because as you might know last year our import tax bill was rather large. So we are looking for:

  • Books – babies, children, teenagers, adults, text books, comics, references such as gardening, cooking, self-help, DIY, language, travel, dictionaries, bibles (but no preaching books or anti-religion books please). We also cannot take any books that are relevant to just English people (e.g. biographies, English landscape) and that are too old or damaged.
  • Toys – any kind. The more the better. If you have some baby toys and ride along toys those would be really handy.
  • Games – board games, sports equipment.
  • Jigsaws – for any ages, but the younger ones the better.
  • Blocks, bricks, legos and any other building type activity (no electrics please)
  • Dolls – we never get enough dolls for the little girls.
  • Lever arch files and other filing boxes etc.
  • Stationary – papers, paper clips, pens, scissors, whole punchers and anything else that office (our library) might need.
  • Arts and crafts material – cards, glitter, glue, pens, pencils, stickers, feathers, pipe cleaners and on and on and on.
  • Painting equipment – brushes, rollers.
  • Tools – all useable tools including small electrical.
  • Glasses, microscopes, magnifying glasses, binoculars – we give those to the large albino community.
  • Laptops – functional and fairly new please.

And anything else you can think of that children would enjoy, use and play with and that library really needs.

Due to high taxes and complicated shipping process we have to say no to:

  • clothes – the tax and complications in the paperwork are just beyond our resources.
  • bikes – too expensive to import and difficult to distribute at the other end as we don’t quite get enough for a rental scheme.
  • shoes – as with clothes
  • computers and large electricals – last year we took a washing machine for an orphanage, but Kenya has tighten the rules again.