A Step Closer

  • We want more children to experience the magic of a well written story.
  • Our garage already half emptied of books.
  • Wheelie bins awaiting their pressures cargo.
  • Books being replaced by overloaded wheelie bins.
  • Pretty storage boxes for the smallest of books.
  • Books on their way out.
  • Only to be replaced by others.
  • Every toy deserves a good and loving home.
  • Not even our footballers will be forgotten.
  • From a footballer to another.
  • And the schools will have something to write with for a while.
  • Books finally ready to be wrapped.
  • Steady does it. Sorry about your head....
  • Thank you 'Clark' - the Wine Society's own superman.
  • And the boys who made it happen - the Wine Society's finest.
  • Ready to go to Nottingham.
  • See you when you get there - Nottingham.
  • How well did we pack the van?
  • This well.
  • But now what? Send it to Kenya. What else?

to our library – with your help, we have collected as many books as we could – 7,507 to be precise. We have received 277 toys, almost 11,000 arts, crafts and sports related items and so much more.

The Wine Society helped us transport our many books to Nottingham and Mick’s Minis provided a van at discounted rate for the lighter items. The National Police Aid Convoys organised loading of the container as well as the transport, shipping and every piece of paperwork we will need. Friends of Kianjai Kenya are sharing our container and are an excellent ally.

Not forgetting Rotary Clubs – Stevenage, Amwell, Baldock, Grantham, Nottingham, Mombasa, Kianji and Diani. They are all coming together to ensure our project succeeds.

We are very grateful to you all and cannot thank you enough. But as always there is still the need for more – we desperately need to raise more cash to ensure the Library is functional, comfortable, useable and opened this summer. If you can help please donate now, whatever the amount. Thank you.